Some of my items I have for sale:

Everything is made to order.  I don't keep things made in stock because of the custom personalization .

Custom Personalized Plush Elves.  Boy or girl with a name up to 10 letters. $5 each plus shipping.

Custom Personalized Stockings with a name up to 10 letters. I can do either script font or regular font. $7.00 each plus shipping.

These are my personal stockings, and not for sale, but I can do some like the ones above with this Mr. and Mrs. file..

I can also do custom shirts or hats.

Glass Snowmen.  These are about 16" high depending on the hat.  They are super cute.  I can do any color scheme. $10 each, plus shipping.

Ornaments.  Custom made to your color/name specifications.

Christmas Countdown Boards. This one is 6"x8" and is a chalk board on a stand.  I will have different stands soon. $7.00 each plus shipping.

Personalized Glass Cutting Boards
Small 12x12 boards are $7.00 each.  Larger ones can be made as well, price varies.

I'm just beginning to make small custom personalized gift boxes.  I can add a name or phrase like Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday to the top of the box. Colors and Prices will vary.
This was my first box.  I will get better at positioning the top layer.

Makeup Brush Holders/Pencil Cup Holders
I can do different glitter colors and different sayings or custom personalization. $7.00 each plus shipping.

3" Ceramic Ring Rest Dishes
Custom Images, Monograms, Sayings, etc. can be added. $5.00 each plus shipping.

I have several RTic stainless steel cups that I can put vinyl sayings on.  They don't come with handles, but I can order some.  They take about 30 days for me to receive them.  I have 30 oz cups and 20 oz cups.  30 oz cups are $25.00 with a decal and 20 oz. cups are $22.00 with a decal.  I can also sell just the decals and you can put them on your own cup!

Window Bumper Stickers
Prices vary

I also make personalized baby gifts like this birth stat elephant and monogrammed swaddle blanket.  Prices vary.

Baby's first picture frame with baby's birth stats and a monogram initial.  Prices vary.

Some bags and purses can be custom personalized. Prices vary.

Signs.  Prices very.
Tile signs:

Wood signs:

Just about anything can be personalized..  If you have an idea, send it to me and we'll work on making it happen.

I prefer Paypal as payment.  Some items must be paid for before I will start the personalization.  Let me know if you want to place an order.  My contact information is on my contact page, or you can reach me on Facebook.